Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities

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Scientists at Thunder Energies developed telescopes with concave lenses (known as Santilli telescopes) which prove the existence of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITEs). This is pretty amazing considering that there wasn’t any ‘scientific’ proof of the presence of ‘intelligent’ entities in our environment until now. By using concave lenses instead of convex lenses (as used in regular Galileo telescopes), they managed to make the invisible visible. To their own surprise they detected intelligent flying objects in the sky above Tampa Bay, Florida.

Conclusion from the paper:

Via the use of pairs of Galileo and Santilli telescopes, in this paper we have presented for the first time experimental evidence on the apparent existence of two types of entities existing in our terrestrial environment [..], here called Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the first and second kind (ITE 1 and ITE-2), that are also completely invisible to the naked eyes as well as to Galileo telescopes, yet they are fully visible via Santilli telescopes.

Read the report and their findings here.

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