How negative thoughts can help to ground you

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Let’s not forget that we’re human beings living in this physical world. As our consciousness grows more and more, we have to stay grounded to the roots of the physical plane, to our dear mother earth. A major part of this grounding is done by accepting who we are as humans, including all aspects of us that we’re not so proud of.

In this duality that we live in and as part of this “illusion” we created for ourselves, we are very used to labeling (or judging) everything around us. And even worse, we are also doing this for everything inside of us and our own behavior. Remember that the things we express on the outside are mirroring the inside. You’ll often see yourself or people around you expressing “negative” thoughts or emotions. All this means is that they are mirroring their inside to the physical (using words or behavior). Most likely, an emotional bucket was maxed out and is now spilling over to the outside world. When you don’t regularly empty your inside buckets, they will spill over all the time.

Although whatever you label as “negative” or “positive” is very subjective, it may be of great help for you personal growth. For now, I’ll focus on the energy inside of you that you experience as “negative”. You don’t have to search for long to find thoughts or feelings that have a negative energy to it. To ground yourself and become a more conscious being, you could try to face these “energies” (whether these are feelings, thoughts, images or anything else that has a negative or bad feel to it) in all honesty. While confronting them, tell yourself and understand that you’re only human and this is part of being human in all beauty of it. It doesn’t need to be judged. You don’t have to deny anything that you are, it’s all good. Fully accept these parts of yourself that you label as “negative” and allow them to be. While doing this, it may help to keep in mind that everything is a matter of context and definition. Take a deep breath.

What makes you human, also keeps you grounded. We can’t grow in consciousness and become the best versions of ourselves in this lifetime, without being fully connected to our human bodies. That’s why grounding is so important. Use every aspect of who you are to help you with this. And remember that your “dark side” is extra helpful for this because it’s often closely related to earthly things and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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