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In his very first book of the Anastasia series, Vladimir Megre describes Anastasia’s approach to having nature provide exactly that what your physical body needs on an energetic level. She explains how every seed contains an enormous quantity of cosmic information.

Because of this information, the seed knows when to germinate, which juices to take from the soil, and how to use the cosmic radiance from sun, moon and stars to grow into just the right crop. Fruit and vegetables are intended as food and can prevent and cure disease in our body. In order for this mechanism to work correctly, of course there should be a link, a connection between the plant and the human being it is developing for. This link allows the plant to fine-tune its nutrients in just the right ratio required for your specific organism.

I always feel very connected to the plants in my yard, yet this approach adds just that extra interesting dimension. I have listed the various steps, as described by Vladimir Megre, below. You can find the best moment for this procedure in a lunar calendar.

  1. Take one or more of the seeds you are about to sow into your mouth, under your tongue, for at least 9 minutes.
  2. Next, keep them about half a minute in the palms of your hands, while standing barefoot in the seedbed.
  3. Open your hands and gently breathe over the seeds. This will allow the seeds to absorb all relevant information on what is going on within your body.
  4. Keep your hands open for another half a minute, so that the seeds can become acquainted with the heavenly bodies and determine the right moment of germination.
  5. Put the seeds into the soil. Do not add water immediately, as that would wash away all the information you have just added. Water the seeds only after three days. If you are working with seedlings rather than with seeds, dig a hole with your bare hands and spit in it before you plant it.
  6. Make sure you do not remove all the weeds that springs with your seeds. Leave one plant of each kind and cut the others just above the ground. Also weeds have a function in the growth process of your plant; providing additional information, or protecting your plants from diseases.
  7. While your plant is growing, create a regular contact with it, by being close to it and gently touching it, preferably at full moon. Also walking barefoot in your garden will provide extra information (due to the toxins secreted by your feet).
  8. The effect of the plant or fruit is the biggest when it is consumed within three days from harvesting.

According to Anastasia, herbs, fruits and vegetables that are cultivated in this way, have healing and life supporting powers and are able to cure disease, slow down aging, increase mental capacity, help you overcome addictions and create inner peace. Please note that you do not need to follow these steps for all the seeds you are sowing, just a few per species will do.

The plants you grow in this way will be different in taste, and in chemical composition, says Anastasia. I am curious if I can tell the difference with the ‘ordinary way’ of planting. What do you think?

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