Fear or intuition: can you notice the difference?

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People are emotional beings. Yesterday someone told me to trust on my intuition more instead of dwell on my fear or anxiety. This got me thinking: how can I differentiate between the two? Most of the time, when you don’t consciously think about it, you will probably find yourself following the strongest impulse. Because many of us humanoids are very much dominated by our thinking mind (mental processes), fear tends to overrule intuitive feelings. Intuition is often more subtle and I usually tend to be dragged out of the moment by my (fearful) thoughts, forgetting all about the intuitive impulse that I ignored in the first place.

Of course, very often, fear or anxiety is a very bad advisor. Reason for this is that, in my opinion, fear is based on an energy field (of thoughts) that we connect to as human beings, which mostly consists of unrealistic thoughts that we learned when growing up (i.e. pushed onto us by our parents or environment) and worst case scenario’s. The thinking mind is very creative in creating a story that will drag us down and “protect” us from doing things that could be hurtful to ourselves (or anything at all, for that matter). It wants to keep us in our comfort zone. Which is good if you’re standing on a cliff facing the deep, but bad in almost every other situation we encounter in modern day life. Simply because it overshadows our intuition.

So, what is intuition then? Intuition is the voice inside yourself that speaks to you in a non-panicking way. It doesn’t upset you as it’s more neutral in its expression. Also, it’s not a flow of thoughts, but just one “thought” or feeling. When you pick up an intuitive impulse and start to think about it – i.e. create the next thought in your mind, based on this impulse – the thinking mind is taking over and you will easily end up in fearful or defensive thoughts again. The mind does that, it wants to keep you in your comfort zone and follows this strategy to achieve that. In my experience, intuition is also, many times, the first thing that comes up, before your mind had the chance to dive into its database of fears and rationale. This is my personal experience, if you have anything to add to this, please do!

In a sense, intuition is the opposite of fearful thoughts. If you could choose, how would you live your life: based on intuition or based on fear? Guess what, you can choose. So, next time you have a thought or feeling, try to see if it’s intuitive or based on a scary story that your mind comes up with. Then decide if you want take it serious or just seriously let go of it.

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