Transformative Nutrition (Laugh or go CRAZY podcast)

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In this episode of the Laugh or go CRAZY podcast, Steve and Michele talk to holistic nutrition coach Michael Tamez, author of Transformative Nutrition, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living. Michael presents a holistic view on nutrition, dieting, the role of emotions and why most diets don’t work.

Some take-aways are:

  • If you’re on a diet and you reach a plateau, ask yourself why this happens; what is the emotional cause of this?
  • Every body has its own specific needs, that’s why most diets won’t work. You need to find out how to get in balance with your food and emotions.
  • Eating slowly is much better for your body and health. 🙂

Although this podcast focuses purely on mind (emotions) and body, it may be worth listening to if you’re struggling with your health or weight.

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