The Venus Project: The choice is ours

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We’ve been following The Venus Project with great interest for many years now. Recently they released a new documentary The choice is ours in which they set out a (better) future for our world, based on their research and the ideas of Jacque Fresco (who’s about to turn 100 years) et al. It’s certainly worth watching, but make sure to sit through the whole thing if you want to end in your happy place. You can watch it freely on YouTube.

The documentary starts with some explanation about human behavior and painting a pretty dark picture of the world we currently live in. It signifies that human behavior and what we like and don’t like, is not fixed, but strongly dependent on the environment we grow up in. Regarding the issues of the current world, it summarizes information which can also be found extensively in other documentaries, i.e. Why we fight (about the war industry), Inside job (about the banking industry), The truth about cancer (about the health industry) and Cowspiracy (about the agriculture and food industry) to name a few.

In the second half of the movie, the solution is presented in the form of what Fresco calls the Resource Based Economy. The RBE is the key philosophy behind The Venus Project. The current system in this world, which is money based, has scarcity at it roots by which the haves rule over the have-nots. The access to resources is limited to the happy few (individuals, corporations, countries, …) which exploit the system for their own good: to make (more) money. If we would be able to reform this to a system in which resources are free and divided among all habitants of this earth, money and scarcity would no longer be issues.

It sounds idealistic, but it has been well thought through over the years and in this documentary they explain everything in great detail, touching many practical aspects including architecture, education and lifestyle. Eventually it all comes down to willpower and science.

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