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Are you into yoga (poses) but find it difficult to fit regular classes into your schedule or don’t want to miss your workout when you’re not at your home base? Maybe Yoga Studio is the right app for you! It contains a large collection of poses which are stitched together to create fluent video classes that include excellent audio commentary. Slip on your best floral yoga pants and try this!

Yoga Studio contains a large set of ready made classes. Depending on your level of experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced), your goals (i.e. flexibility, strength, …) and the time you want to spend on a class (15 minutes, 30 minutes, …), you can select a set that fits you. The video will be downloaded to your device, which takes only a few seconds, after which you can start your routine.

The quality of the video is really excellent. Because poses flow fluently (where other apps often just show pose after pose and you have to come up with the “in between” movements yourself), everything is very easy to follow, even for beginners. The app shows that the creators invested a lot of time in creating this beauty. Because it contains so many poses, it can also be used as a reference and/or pose library.

In addition, you can also create your own classes by selecting your favorite poses and having the app stitch them together to make a fluent video. Quite brilliant! It will take some experimenting to get a proper idea of how many poses you should select to create a video of a certain length. The first class I created became much longer than expected because of the automated stitching process, which adds the in betweens.

Classes are downloaded to your device, so it’s even possible to exercise without having a proper internet connection. Keep in mind that sometimes already downloaded classes need to be updated, so if you’re planning a long trip it could be wise to check and update the classes upfront.

In conclusion: after trying several apps, this one sticks with me for several years now, so I can definitely recommend to check it out. It’s almost as good as the real thing (sometimes even better, if you consider the costs, but of course you’re missing out on pro-active feedback from a teacher). It runs on iPhone, iPad, (the new) AppleTV and even Windows 10. It also supports AirPlay on Apple devices.

Note: the writer of this article or this website is not affiliated with Yoga Studio in any way.

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