Anastasia by Vladimir Megre

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This remarkable book describes the encounter between a business man, Vladimir Megre, and a woman, Anastasia, who lives in the woods in Siberia. Anastasia teaches Vladimir about humanities relationship to nature that is long forgotten by modern society. At first skeptical, eventually Vladimir returns to the default world with very important messages from Anastasia that are written down in this book. A must read.

Anastasia lives in a surprising balance with her environment and has access to powers that seem magical. Through Megre, she tells us that we all have these powers, but we have forgotten how to use them. What I understand from the book is that experiments have been done by scientists that prove (some of) the knowledge that is shared by Anastasia. The information that she gives us is to the point. It all made perfect sense to me, which makes the book very inspiring (you should keep an open-mind though and don’t be too offended by the attitude of the writer towards women).

“Anastasia” is part one of a series of books about Anastasia and the messages she has for our world, written by Vladimir Megre. The series has been translated to many languages. She inspired many people, especially in Russia, to change to a new lifestyle by starting a homestead where they grow their own food and raise their children according to the principles that are presented. Have a look at the website of Vladimir Megre for more details.

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