Opening to the heart

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People always talk about opening (to) your heart or going “into” your heart. In “spiritual” circles I’ve heard it many times; it’s the modern age mantra which would or should solve all your problems. For most people it’s not an obvious action they know how to “do”. In this talk at the Insight Meditation Center, CA, Andrea Fella dives into the subject of opening to the heart.

As always, Andrea shares interesting, practical, examples with her audience. Many times we experience the overwhelming emotion of fear. If we can take a moment and look closely at this emotion, we may find that it covers up deeper feelings. In the case of fear, it may be love. For example, if we fear for the health of a close relative, on a deeper level we (most likely) feel much love for this relative. Fear exists because this love exists. The fear may be so intense that we forget about the love that’s behind it. Spend some time with your fear, maybe during meditation, and this realization and the feeling of love may dissolve it as it did in the example of Andrea.

What we learn is that it may help to take some time to be with an emotion, without pushing it away or overthinking it. If you sink into it, you discover which feeling is buried in the center of this emotion. This is one way to go into your heart.

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